How to keep a home as clean as possible?


How to keep a home as clean as possible?Are you ready for your annual house cleaning after a long winter? Of course yes! Carpet dust should be removed and not only that. It is nice for anyone to feel the clean scent of home during the summer.When cleaning your home you should try to learn some “tricks” that will enable you to clean your house faster, giving you the opportunity to have a few more hours for yourself.

What should we do?

Entering the Home:

1- Always remove your shoesIf

you will never get home with shoes, you will avoid getting dirt and bacteria on the carpet. You can clean the shoes in small carpets that you need to put on the door of the house and then remove them. Once removed, you can wear slippers that should only be used for the interior of the home.

Kitchen and salon

2- Say “stop” to dust and hairsIf

you have carpets placed throughout the house you should prevent dust and hairs from accumulating. This requires that the carpet be shaken several times a week.The kitchen should be wiped off with broom whenever there may be crumbs or hairs on the ground, so as not to accumulate large amounts of dirt, which will take longer and can be removed.


3- Excellent equipment!

After showering, it is best to clean the walls of the shower cabin (if you have one) or the one-piece bathtub to avoid the formation of smears or marks that leave water as well as shampoos or soaps. If you clean them daily after showering, you will find it easier as they will not require much friction and time.

4- Always keep the bathroom sink clean

It is best to always keep a sponge in the bathroom sink, which you can use every morning after washing your face as well as every evening. This way you will remove any toilet stains or toothpaste that may be left there after washing.Avoid combing your hair over the sink, or even if you do, do not have to rinse your hair with water, as it can clog the pipes. You need to collect the fallen hair and throw it into the trash.

5- Pipeline cleaning at night

You can use vinegar water in each of them to remove the stench from the sink. You have to fill them with this composition every dinner and in the morning you have to release the sink in order for the vinegar water to leave. You will be amazed to see that every stain on the sink will be gone, not to forget the good smell that comes from it after each use.Kitchen

6- Clean the refrigerator

Before doing the next shopping you need to clean the refrigerator. Also at least once a week you should take care to do a little cleaning of it, which consists of throwing out spoiled foods that can no longer be used so that the refrigerator does not smell bad but also free up space for rotating market foods.When cleaning the refrigerator you should rinse it with a damp cloth with water and vinegar, to give it a good aroma.One small secret you can use to remove stink from the fridge is to place a container of water and soda in the top of the fridge.

7- Cleaning the cooker

To always keep the cooker clean you must clean it with a special sponge and detergent after each cooking. If you follow this method of cleaning you will avoid creating a layer of dirt that will take a long time and can be cleaned, or in the worst case, excessive friction can break down the aluminum. You should do the same with any home cooking appliance.

8- Cleaning the dishwasher

To maintain the dishwasher you need to put salt on the side of the dishwasher so that no smear is created. Also every week you have to do a wash with the empty dishwasher. During this wash you need to put a plastic bottle filled with water and vinegar (upside down) on the bottom of the pots in order to remove the stench.

9- A Begonia for Cleaner Air

In order to have clean air inside your home you should always keep flowers. In fact, a begonia, fig or other flower with large leaves can cleanse the air of toxins as well as maintain a good level of moisture in the home environment.


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