Don’t lean on anyone | Couches in the center of the space


When you think of a sofa and its location in the living room, one usually imagines it resting next to one of the central walls, probably even adjacent to the same wall or at least very close to it. However, you will be surprised to find that there are other and no less creative ways to place the sofa in space and in the end it will even make sense to you!
We’re talking about a couch in the center of the space, yes, that’s how it is simply placed in the center of the table with no supporting wall, like she’s there and she doesn’t need anyone to give her a back.
We’ve collected some examples for you from some talented designers to understand, and not just imagine, how to do it right. You may even decide to apply this unconventional method in your home.

Dictates the design line

There are sofas that were born to leave an impression so there is no reason not to use them as the main space in the space that dictates the rest of the design and planning. For example, this impressive blue sofa in the apartment designed by designer Revital Erez. The rest of the living room furniture seemed to align with the design line laid out by the sofa. The fact that it is located in the center with no back or supporting wall contributes to the proper flow in the space.

With your back to the kitchen

The beauty of exposed sofas located in the center of this space is that you can choose the landscape that will be in the background, in which case it is the view of the heart of the house, which is the kitchen. The color of the sofa together with the pillows combined against the background of the painted and well-equipped kitchen creates an accurate view of the continuity of the space which is open space.

Face to Face

Today, there are hardly any couches facing each other, and in today’s era when everyone is head on, it can be a welcome move. In the Nordic space design by designer Dikla Pinto, Dikla chose to place two sofas with no supporting wall facing each other in a long, narrow space. This creates the feeling of a larger but still intimate space.

Size does matter

There is only one word that can come out of your mouth when you see the designer space of the designer, Noah Harel, and she is ‘Wow’. The huge sofa chosen to fill the space with her bare back creates a feeling of endless wealth and space. Here, too, the couch seems to be the one that dictates the rest of the home decor when choosing a long couch but one that does not hide the dining area in the background and thus creates a pleasant continuity in the central space.

Right on the spot

No matter what angle you look at in this designed space, everything looks in place. Which means the couch probably was born to be located in the center of the living room for the simple reason that it works, period. Something about the symmetry created with the island on one side and the console on the other gives a sense of lightness in the space.

Pastel, wood and one sofa

There is something about choosing a light couch that will sit in the center of the space that creates an effortless and light-hearted atmosphere. Just like designer Vital Perry did when she chose to incorporate a bright couch in the center of the space that simply does wonders for the atmosphere and lightens it at all without intention.

Beautiful and accessible

The story of the house where the couch is in the center of the space is an exciting story in itself. This is the home of one exciting family in Atlit who had to make the whole house accessible for their daughter with special needs. It was important to have space to move and move in space without straining or feeling that things were on the way. Certainly in this case the couch serves a lofty purpose and the fact that it is perfectly located in this space is just a bonus.

Peaceful and pleasant

Talented designer Sivan Convellina has chosen to incorporate the sofa into a central item in the open space with a combination of bright, smoky and delicate shades. Thus it turns out that on the one hand it is very independent on the ground and on the other it does not steal the show but pleasantly integrate into space.

Delimiting the space

In this modern space designed by interior designer Ariella Inbar, the sofa located in the center also functions as a delineation of the living room area. Since there is a buffer between the two dining areas, the sofa, which has no back, basically dictates where the living room starts and where it changes into a seating area.
Placing a sofa in the center of the space without giving it back or support, it’s actually a bit out of the box in a design way. Maybe it’s an unconventional decision but it has its back. In most cases, this will work, just make sure you position correctly so that it does not damage the flow of the space and will not get stuck, so you can achieve a sense of levitation and airiness in the living room space.


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