Embassy of Afghanistan in Iran:


We did not find any relatives of the victims of the Ukrainian plane
The Afghan embassy in Tehran has said it has so far failed to find all the relatives of the victims of the Ukrainian plane.

The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that of the six Afghan citizens killed in the Ukrainian airliner, six had dual citizenship of Afghanistan and Sweden / Sweden, three were citizens of Afghanistan and Germany, and four others were Afghan citizens only.

The Afghan embassy said the Iranian Foreign Ministry had given a list of ten people who were citizens of Afghanistan.

A statement from the Embassy of Afghanistan in Tehran said that a committee headed by Fatemeh Taleghani, the secretary-general of the Afghan embassy in Tehran, was set up to take immediate and immediate action to identify and surrender the bodies of the victims and to contact the bodies of the victims. On the hand.

The Afghan embassy added that the agency had initially sought to find relatives of the victims by releasing announcements on social networks and announcing contact numbers, as well as in regular conversations with the Iranian Foreign Ministry and forensic medicine.

The committee added that so far the committee has only managed to meet relatives Mehdi Mohammadi, Mehdi Rezaei, Hossein Rezai, Rahimeh Katabi, Zain al-Abedin Saadat, Shahram Tajik, Sakineh Ahmadi, Mohsen Ahmadi and Motahareh Ahmadi.

The Afghan Embassy added that only Mehdi Tajik’s relatives are unavailable so far and a WhatsApp communication team was established to effectively communicate and exchange information with members of the family.

A statement from the Afghan embassy said forensic samples were taken by forensic experts to identify the bodies of the victims’ relatives and are awaiting the surrender of the bodies.

The agency said actions on other legal and technical matters of the accident would be pursued internationally with the membership of the Afghan Foreign Ministry.

The Afghan Embassy has emphasized that the names of the victims so far declared by the Iranian Foreign Ministry to be Afghan citizens include Hossein Rezai, Mehdi Rezaei, Sakineh Ahmadi, Mohsen Ahmadi, Motahreh Ahmadi, Shahram Tajik, Mehdi Tajik, Mehdi Ahmadi, Rahimeh Katbin and Zeinabedin. Happiness.


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