How America killed Sulaimani by driving a drone


How America killed Sulaimani by driving a drone, full storyOn January 3, the US killed Qasim Suleimani, the head of Iran’s Al-Quds Force, in an air raid with a drone near Baghdad Airport.
Intelligence sources have told the US media that this operation was done directly on the orders of President Donald Trump and complete preparations were made.
It is being told that Sulaimani had arrived in Iraq some time earlier and was walking in a convoy of two vehicles in which Iran-backed Iraqi forces were also on board.
According to BBC monitoring, the media monitoring service of the BBC, Iranian TV channels initially reported that the attack had been carried out in Iraq through helicopters of the US military.

Drone attack

However, US media says that the attack took place through unmanned aircraft MQ-9 Reaper. It is a drone that can fly at a maximum speed of 480 kilometers per hour.The United States has so far not said anything about the use of this device at the international airport and the potential dangers on air traffic in the area.The New York Times quoted government sources as saying that the drone fired two missiles at two cars. These missiles were fired on their targets near the cargo terminal of the airport.
Arabic television Al Arabia said in its report that these were the Hellfire R9X missiles, also known as the Ninja. This air-to-earth missile is designed to destroy the battle tank, which can be dropped by helicopter or airplane.
According to reports, the US has used such a missile for the ninth time in an operation in the Middle East.Attack from American base in IraqShortly after the attack, it was coordinated from an American base in Iraq.
In a video being shared by Shia militia groups, the remains of the car were shown burning, in which Sulaimani was traveling.
Another photo showed the blood-soaked Sulemani’s hand in which he was wearing his favorite red ring.
The media office of the Iraqi Army Joint Operation Forces released some pictures on its official Facebook page showing a burning car on the road near the exit gate of Baghdad Airport.

What is known about the dead?

Several hours after the attack, no official announcement was made about the identity and number of its victims. The US and Arab media quoted intelligence sources as claiming that six to seven people were harmed in the incident.
Along with General Suleimani, Iran has also confirmed the death of Iraqi military commander Abu Mahdi Al Mahandis. He was the deputy head of the Iran-backed Mobilization Forces of Iraq.
Three soldiers killed in the attack were part of the Revolutionary Guard, according to Iran’s state TV channel, while The New York Times says Iranian soldiers were also members of the Iraqi Army for protection.
Al Arabiya claims that along with Suleimani, Lebanese Hezbollah officials were also there.
UN envoy Agnes Kallamard has raised questions about the unjust killing of Sulemani and others.
He wrote on Twitter, “The killing of Qasim Sulemani and Abu Mahdi Al Mahandis is illegal and a violation of international humanitarian laws.” Using drones or other things like this to selectively kill someone can never be valid. ”
“There is no mention in the Pentagon’s statement that other people besides Sulaimani have been killed.” Maybe. Illegal absolutely.”
The US government says the operation is a response to the conspiracies in which Iran “was actively planning attacks against US diplomats in Iraq and other members in the region.” However, they did not provide any evidence for this.


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