How to play hockey?


Dexterity and muscles, speed and strength, power tricks and clicks – all this is in hockey. If you want to play the best game on ice, you can start by learning the basic rules and skills. Improve your game by exploring the tips and strategies of professionals. See step 1 for more information

Learning the rules

Learn the basic principle of the game. Hockey is a game that is played by two teams of six players each. Five of them slide on the rink, trying to score a puck, and one stands at the goal at the end of the rink. The goal of the game is to score as many goals as possible into the opponent’s goal by passing the pucks to each other – a small wooden cylinder or a rubber ball. Each goal scored at the goal is one point.The game consists of three periods. The time of each period varies and depends on the complexity of the competition itself. However, periods in most games last 20 minutes each.
Understanding the dimension and the rink and the notation on it. You can play hockey both on roller skates (roller hockey) and without skates at all. However, the most popular type of hockey is still played on ice. Ice hockey requires an ice rink 61 meters long and 26 meters wide. It should have three sections, delimited by blue lines on ice. A red line is drawn in the center of the rink, which divides the field into two playing areas. Also, at a distance of 15 meters from the red line, two blue lines are drawn on both sides. The space between the two blue lines are known as the “neutral zone”. Zones outside the blue line are the territories of each of the teams that they defend.At the end of the rink, thin red lines are drawn. There is a net of gates. The space opposite the goal is called the goalie area. It is usually painted blue. This is the goalkeeper area.Five circles are also drawn on the rink, where the puck is shot at the beginning of the match, during the game or after a penalty has been announced.

Learn the basic principle of the game.

Each game begins with the referee throwing the puck in the center circle between two opponents who are close to each other. After that, the timer starts and the game begins. One team takes possession of the puck and tries to score a goal, while its opponent defends the goal or tries to intercept the puck.Hockey is a game without a transition, which is similar to football or lacrosse, but intermittently after each period, goal or penalty.

Learn 5-minute and 2-minute removal from the game.

In hockey, 5-minute and 2-minute removal from the game are divided by the amount of time that the player spends outside the rink or in the penalty area. [1]If the referee awards a penalty, the team must send the player to the penalty box for the specified time without the right to replace him. If the opposing team scores a goal during the penalty shootout, then it ends. For the referee to review, repeated violations may cause a 2- or 5-minute removal. Major violations:Unsafe use of a club, wounding or knocking over an opponentObstacle creation, rival stick sticking or running boardEncountering an opponent or chasing a player who does not have a puckPower techniques behind the enemy or directed to the head

Get a hockey uniform.

Players wear as much protection as American football players, if not more. The most basic sports equipment for a hockey player is a stick and skates.Sticks are wooden or made of polycarbonate sticks that are hooked at the end. This part of the club is called a hook. Players use a stick to control the puck on ice in an attempt to score a goal. A club stick is a key element in hockey. Choose a hook of the appropriate size and learn how to wind it for the game.Hockey skates are ground and suitable for playing ice hockey. Hockey skates are more curved than usual, which is done for better maneuverability and speed. They should sit tight on their feet, support the ankle well, and they must be constantly sharpened.The helmet and padding should be right for you, your body shape and weight. Typically, a set of hockey pads includes elbow pads, knee pads and a protective helmet that allows you to ride fast and play safely.


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