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If you live in a rented apartment, you probably know the constant dilemma: investing money and time in designing, or giving up? Make changes or get along with what’s there? The first step should start with your mind, because investing in a rented apartment is first and foremost a concept of life: how do you see the place where you live, host, wake up and pamper yourself after an exhausting day – as something temporary and compromising that is not worth investing in because it is not mine, or As a place you want to feel like home?
It seems to me that you understand where we are striving. If you ask the staff of walls , the kings of “life only once” and “after the flood” and other clichés we adopted to make us comfortable buying beautiful things for the house, there is nothing like living in an apartment that is temporary but is ours. Even if it’s only for a year or three. We always designed our rented apartments as nicely as possible, invested in furniture and accessories and saw them as a home for everything. How do you do that? Here are some tips and insights to show you how designing a rental apartment can make it a home.

Invest in the right things

In general, we at WALLS think the best solution for rented apartments is to “dress the house” – that is, not really redesigning the apartment in the sense of breaking walls or replacing a kitchen, but focusing and investing in everything that is not connected to walls or floor – color, furniture, carpets, pictures , Accessories, lighting, etc., etc. – and with these items to create a beautiful, homely, beautifully designed space. What is nice about this concept, beyond the fact that you will not have to spend a ton of money, is that most of the things you buy can take you to the next apartment and here you have saved the thought of “why invest in a temporary apartment”.

Color for walls: Be brave!

Colorful walls make magic at home and this is a simple and inexpensive way to give a character and design line to your rental apartment. So before you move on for “this is too much work”, let us remind you that you will have to paint the walls anyway when you leave, so what is another 20 minutes of investment versus a wall that will do you wonders for the apartment? So pick one wall in each space and fly it with strong colors: grayscale for Nordic style lovers and more colorful shades for everything else (blue, khaki, green, burgundy – everything goes!). Believe us, everything will look better on a colored wall – even the ugly dresser you swore in life won’t move you to the next apartment.


Anyone who knows us knows that curtains for us are a must. Curtains give height to the room and create intimacy, warmth and softness so please do not give up. Assuming your rental apartment has no new or particularly beautiful windows – curtains can be a great and inexpensive solution to blur and hide what needs to be hidden (ugly shutter boxes, broken plastic shutters, wrong window positioning, and more). No expensive curtains are needed, the cheap IKEA curtains will look just fine too. Choose long, light curtains, hang them almost from the ceiling (or at least above the shutter) and let them fall to the floor. It is also possible to have Roman or Venetian curtains, wooden or fabric – as long as you ensure that you do not cringe and stay with the old curtains that came with the apartment.

Don’t be afraid to buy furniture

This is the hardest decision by tenants. What if the couch doesn’t fit in the apartment I’ll buy sometime? And what if the dresser was too small? Too high? So listen, the fact that you live in a rented apartment doesn’t really mean that you have to indulge in the evening after a long day’s work, on the ugly couch your grandmother bequeathed to you (when she bought something beautiful new, obviously). If you choose furniture you like now, they can always move you to the following apartments as well. Personal taste does not change so quickly and you will probably design your permanent home in a similar style. You can buy a medium-quality, comfortable sofa in relatively neutral colors (gray, blue, beige), with schalong that connects on both sides. Worth a coffee table that will move you on with fun and neutral neutral color cabinets or libraries (such as black, white or wood) to suit a different design style.


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