Why is the US Army not going back from Iraq?


In response to the killing of Iranian General Qasim Suleimani, a resolution was passed in the Iraqi Parliament on January 5 to remove US troops from Iraq.

This proposal was to cancel the agreement under which US troops are allowed to remain in Iraq to fight the Islamic State.

On January 3, outside the Baghdad International Airport in Iraq, the US killed General Qasim Suleimani. Iraq’s parliament reacted strongly to this and said that American soldiers should be asked to leave.

Conflicts between US forces in Iraq and the Iran-backed force Popular Mobilization Units (PMF) continue to grow.

Before voting on the proposal to repatriate US troops to the Iraqi Parliament, Iraq’s Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi said that foreign troops should now leave Iraq. Mahdi claimed that General Sulaimani was trying to reduce tension in the area.
The proposal passed in Iraq’s parliament, but most Kurdish and Sunni MPs boycotted the proposal. There were mainly Shia parties in support of this proposal. Many MPs in Parliament have insisted that foreign troops be repatriated from Iraq.

Abbas Khadim, director of the Iraq Initiative at the Atlantic Council , said, “This voting in the Iraq parliament is very important. It matters both on symbolic and real fronts. Earlier in 2011, Iraq did the same. Then the Iraqis had prioritized sovereignty over the national interest. Iran and America are in front of Iraq. In the present government, there is more sympathy for Iran.

“The resolution passed in Iraq’s parliament is not binding,” Kristen Fontenrose, director of Strategy and Securities Middle-East at the Scott Center, told the Atlantic Council . This proposal calls on the Iraqi government to send American troops back, but the US presence in Iraq is based on the executive decision of the government of Iraq. This decision can be canceled only by executive decision. The government that is in Iraq now is the caretaker and he has no constitutional right in this matter yet.

He says, “The vote in parliament makes sense of the Iraqi leadership.” There was open voting in this proposal. It is possible that if confidential voting had taken place, the results would have been different. ”

Matthew Crowing, deputy director of the same organization, says, “US troops can go back, but it’s not easy for Iraq either. If the US military goes back, Iran will be in control of Iraq. In such a situation, the government of Iraq will think ten times before doing anything like this.

The Trump administration insisted on Tuesday that the US military would be present in Iraq. Trump has said that it would be worst for Iraq if the withdrawal of five thousand American soldiers from Iraq. The US President said that this is not the right time to withdraw troops from Iraq.


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